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Week 6 Run 1

Yesterday I did w6r1. After the 20min run on Tuesday my legs felt a little off (slight twinge in my knees and ankle) and I really would have preferred to have an extra rest day but it's going to be a busy weekend and then I wouldn't have been able to start week 6 until Sunday. I didn't feel the need to take four rest days so I sucked it up and went yesterday.

First 5 minute run was fine but the 8 minute and last 5 minute runs were hard. During the 8 min run I looked at my phone and when it told me I still had 3 minutes to go I damn near wanted to cry. I got through it though but never did get a good rhythm going.

Feeling a little stiff today but not particularly sore so it worked out okay. Now I'll have a couple rest days and continue on to week 6 day 2 on Sunday.

Happy running everyone! :)


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Well done! The important thing is that you achieved it and didn't give up. I have just done w6r1 tonight so am at the same level as you. I too will be doing run 2 on Sunday so it will be interesting to compare notes,! Good luck! And remember.... You can do it and you will do it! :)


Well done! You got there and that is what counts! I'm tackling W6:1 tomorrow and breathing a sigh of relief after the 20mins this looks like it'll be a darn sight easier. Famous last words though eh?


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