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Week 3 run 1

Did it! Three minutes sounded like a lot but I did it. 30 minutes still feels like a way off, though, and I still *hate* coming past runners going the other way (I live somewhere where people like to run a lot), but I'm getting used to it, I think!

I don't usually blog here but I've been reading with interest. In a weird way, you guys keep me going.

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Well of COURSE we keep you going!! We ALL keep each other going and don;t worry about all those "super duper running types", cos beofre you know it, YOU"LL be running non stop for 25 - 30 mins.

I remember Week 3 and thinkiing that I'd never be able to progress from 90 secs to a full 3 mins, but today I finished Week 6 and unbelievably ran a full 25 mins. And I am over weight and 50 and considering 3 weeks ago I was where you are now I can really say this C25K program is the bees knees!

Keep blogging. Alway good to hear about progress of us all.



Week 3 is not so bad - I managed it. I did, on one occasion get a very strange look from a more 'elite' runner but I just put that down to bad manners on his part. I enjoy what I do and nobody, but nobody, is going to spoil it for me! This forum is good (I'm a newbie here) and, as Dan says, of course it does help to keep us all going. Keep up the good work and enjoy.


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