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First post grad run - Goldilocks weather :-)

So my first post with shiny green badge - my main reason for blogging today!! I have also pinched another bloggers reference to Goldilocks weather - which amused me and was just how i felt.

First post grad run - treated myself to my fav run - which starts at the beach - glorious and a steep half mile walk to get to flatter ground. I must be getting fitter as normally i huff and puff - but today I just powered on up - but I was in the feel good zone - maybe that was it. Anyway I ran solo - no Laura, no music - just me the birds, bees and sheep running in the beautiful Devon lanes. There was a lovely cooling breeze and I was fair bouncing along - so much so i ran out of puff a few times -was running faster than my usual pace - no partiular reason it just felt good to be out. I had to stop and walk a couple of times just for 30 seconds or so and then onward. I have in hindsight decided this was an interval training run:-). Anyway ran/walked 5k which was quite pleasing.

I am inordainatley pleased with life at the moment and that is in large part due to the running. I will be out again sunday.

Happy running everyone.xx

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I do love to read a blog like this when you have been delighted with just getting out there, no pressure on time, no distance GOT TO BE DONE, you were just out there because its so darn good to be able to do it. :) I think these runs/walks are so enjoyable, I have started taking my camera again and if I see something lens worthy I just stop and take that snap shot. In the long run (pardon the pun) these runs will pay big dividens, you are relaxed so your running will be easier, you are less likely to sustain any injuries, also at the same time you are working towards being fitter and healthier. What more or better thing could you do for yourself? Nothing in my opinion you have got it spot on, well done and keep on enjoying yourself. Smashing blog, thanks for sharing.


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