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New PBs - inspired by Anniversary Run??

So, I'm going to be running in the Olympic Park & Stadium - how fabulous is that??! Time to get a bit serious about this running lark, methinks...! ;-)

I was a bit concerned about my thigh muscle after the difficulties on Tuesday but a 5 mile walk in the Wye Valley on Wednesday went without problems, so it was fingers crossed!

I didn't feel like I was going especially quickly and everything felt good and was aiming for 6k. I was very pleasantly surprised when I checked my distance to see I was nearly there! I'd already made the decision that 6k would be the maximum, at least for a first run, just to be safe.

I stopped and walked for about 5 mins to make sure everything was okay, then set off again. Unfortunately, my Garmin went a bit doolalley so I don't know how far I'd run before I realised and stopped to sort it out but I then managed another 1k to get me closer to home.

And when I checked my stats I found I'd improved my 5k PB yet again by 14 seconds to 30:31 and my 6k by 47secs to 36:50! Now, I'm not particularly aiming for faster times, I'm more interested in running longer distances, but I'm tickled pink about these! :-) It must mean I'm getting stronger and the heart and the lungs are working better which will lead to better distances. Just as long as I can get round that 5 mile course in July, I'll be ecstatic!!

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Oooh another one representing C25K at the Olympic Park!! I can't wait :)

Well done on the PB's, it's great when we get them without actually aiming for them, a nice surprise! You will be fine for July Dottie!



Hello. I have a place on the run too - and am just so excited. I consider this running malarkey my own olympic legacy. Currently doing B210K and it certainly focuses the mind to keep going. My first challenge however is to get someone to swap my shift as I am meant to be working. Also terrified of picking up an injury now.


Hi Dottiemay, Sue and ancientrunner, I've been lucky too!

This shift thing seems to be a theme! I'm meant to be on 12 hour night shift on the day before and the run day - I have asked my line manager via text (had minor operation yesterday so I am off sick for a couple of days) if he can organise me a day off for the night shift before, or if not a shift swap... If not I'll be running on no sleep, and that's not on!

I will have to go to work on the run day though (start at 6.30pm in Bow, E3 so no problem getting there on time- maybe I'll run it!!) :-)


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