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Thought I would try a different route today but having a terrible memory, forgot that there was a steady incline. Did my 5 minute warm up walk on the incline & then set off on my run round the park, felt great, breathing for once has started to regulate, Probably cos I'm running so slow, although I still occassionally have to gasp for air, came round to the incline again, jeezo, stopped for a few seconds, started again, stopped again then set off again on the "decline", felt comfortable at 12 & 1/2 minutes, tried to take an easier route but the incline was still there, got to about 18 minutes & was completely defeated! My usual run is round a resevoir so its flat, have been avoiding hills as would just like to be able to run comfortably for eventually 30 mins!! Breathing good, hills bad!!! Urgh!

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