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W8R1 - there are bad runs, there are good runs and then there are these runs :-)

Having been a little down and starting to doubt myself during W7, I was really struggling with the thought of going out again & even putting off the run for a day or two - plus this one was for 3 more minutes than the 25 minute torture runs of W7, plus it's hot, plus its sunny, plus my couch is more comfy..... plus all the other excuses - this was W8R1.

It was only 3 more minutes & I know I can do that right?

So maybe something else was putting me off - well the last 2 runs of W7 were along a different route, venturing out in public along the tow path & then W7R3 was in my new shorts which rubbed like mad and have since caused much amusement in the questions section here - so what exactly was wrong?

Well I have cut down my new shorts & I went back to my old route - my long straight road on the industrial park - it's seriously long at over 0.8k and dead straight. As soon as I was on it I felt right, I knew every stride, the lamppost at the far end then the fence post at the other end - and in just three little words.....

...... I ran 5k ......

(well not fully run - I always start the timing when I start the warmup walk)... but let's not worry about that

I have just covered my very first 5k in W8R1 and you know what - I am so so pleased with myself. That is 5k in 34:24 (6walking + 28running) .... 5k at all .... 5k ..... I just did 5k

So to this place, to Laura & to everyone who is running alongside me .... you have got me to 5k and I have now got just 5 more runs to go until the end. Thank you - all of you

Happy Running

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Congratulations on your achievement and all the very best with the rest of the programme.


Well done - there is nothing like the comfort of a familar doable run. Psychologically it just gets you in the right place. So does that mean 5 runs to graduation - yippee for you.

Keep at it and happy running :-)


What a great post :) sounds like you're doing really well. Not long til the end now ..... good luck!


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