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What a Shame :-(

Decided to repeat W5 R2 this evening as couldn't face 20 mins in the heat. Also decided to do the run around a very peaceful lake not too far from home and somewhere that I have used before but not for a few months.

Shock and horror.... big notice at the gate NO RUNNING,NO CYCLING,NO DOGS UNLESS ON LEAD,NO BBQS ETC.ETC. So back to my usual place for my next run. Disappointed because I loved doing the runs there its peaceful,serene, lots of wildlife and good for the soul. Grrrrr xx

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Just can't fathom the mind workings of some local councillors! Such a shame to deprive enviro-friendly activities of a place to happen! Other councils and even nationally shown TV programmes about the countryside are always busy encouraging us to get out and explore more of our beautiful countryside! You might like to consider questioning their motives - maybe there's a rare nesting bird in danger of extinction? If not, they might be hard pushed to justify their ban! Especially as they've permitted the ruddy M25 to cut right through your county!!!! As you say, what a shame! :(

Cheers, Linda


It's disgraceful that, at a time when the NHS is encouraging people to eat more healthily and get exercise, local authorities stop you doing it on parks and places. Maybe next time you pass that lake you will see yet another notice "No Living"!


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