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W6 R2 was a disaster

I usually run first thing in the morning(7am) on the treadmill at the local gym

W6 R1 on Monday was tough but I completed so was ready for W6 R2 on Wednesday.

However I couldn't do the morning so went to gym at 5 pm and wore my new running leggings .

The run was a disaster - my calves hurt all the way through the first 10min run and then my podcast stopped a couple of minutes into the second run. My legs were hurting so much I stopped running and just briskly walked for about 5 minutes feeling very disappointed with myself as this was the first run I haven't completed.

Not sure whether this was because of different time of day, new leggings too tight on my calves or just ready for this run yet

For tomorrows run I will be back in old jogging bottoms at 7 am but not sure whether to repeat W6R2 or try run W6R3

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Went back to usual routine today and reran and completed W6 R2 so back on track again!!


Well done! I found this run really hard too, I think it's the stop after 10 mins that throws you out. Good luck with run 3!


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