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Week 9 began!

Wow. We just ran for 30 mins! How the hell did that happen?! Ok we were slow, me especially (my excuse is hubbie has longer legs) - we did 3.67km according to mapmyrun (although the track it draws is not quite where we run). Although we're no faster than run one week 8 or even 7, we are actually getting more steady and consistent. I'm hoping pace will get better gradually ! I still find breathing a challenge, a relic of my asthma. I must try to practice that when not running, as I've seen great tips on here. I spent quite a bit of time thinking "in" "out"

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That is a massive achievement already - I think I can remember one of your blogs from Wk3 or Wk2 - it cant be Wk9 already can it?..... well it must be because I'm on Wk8.....

....3.67km - so what !! & who cares about your speed during Wk7 & Wk8 - what really matters is that you have both just done 30 mins. and that is 30 minutes which you would have spent sat on your sofa two months ago.

and yes - breathing - I love breathing - it does feel amazing

Happy Running


No probs on the distance - just great to be out running - and the only reason I believe i can run for 30 mins is I did it the other day. so on todays run when i wanted to stop - I knew actually i could run for 30 mins - a wonderful feeling.

two more runs to graduation - well done :-)


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