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Post grad run & shopping in LIDL'S

Set out on my 2nd post-grad run just before lunch today. This time I found the route a bit easier. However I think I set off running at too fast a pace as by the time I was into the second 5mins HRM was showing a heart rate of 176. Way too high for me. Therefore, I slowed the pace but my average was 132 at the end, still too high really for my age plus I'm on beta-blockers. So I will have to keep an eye on that.

I was feeling good at the end so ran for an extra minute. Not much I know but hopefully I can increase slightly each time or at least each week.

This morning I went in to my local LIDL as I knew that they had golf balls on offer today. (Bought 2 doz) Of course you can't ignore all those aisles up the middle with the special offers. And guess what? There was some lovely running wear on sale. So I came out with golf balls and a running top. Nice bright fluorescent yellow. Wife's reaction was "Oh my goodness!"

Still wondering if I have got my grad badge yet.

Happy running everybody.

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Oh dear, no badge yet! Maybe the team is all out sunbathing? ;)

Great news about bargain running kit ... Will pop down to my store ASAP .... Have an idea, though, that not all stores sell the same things ... Still, nothing ventured etc etc. fingers crossed and running legs into gear :D x


Well done on graduating! I look forward to that day! :) And thanks for the tip about Lidl!


I got a flourescent jacket the other week going cheap at one of the sports shops that are not really a sports shop, just a 'sporty looking clothes shop'.

Just as I was leaving the house for a run proudly wearing my flouro top (the weather was still chilly) my daughter called and on seeing me said 'Hi mam, are you just off out do a shift on the roads!'. Cheeky monkey.


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