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I hope everyone is keeping well and all the 5 X 50ers made it out the other end fighting and running is going good as usual :)

My running had (maybe has) gone AWOL over the past few weeks. My granny took ill and passed away so I didn't have time to run for a couple of weeks, but I realised over this time how less frequently and severely I have been getting the abdominal pain I have been suffering from. I just have a week and a half to wait for results of the ultrasound I had done to hopefully get some answers to what it is!

That being said it was such a nice day today I couldn't resist going out for a walk in my running gear with the idea of running if I felt able (brisk walking can bring on the pain also...usually more so than running for some reason). I walked to the tow path I run at a lot and ran up a side path that leads to rolling meadows. I saw a gap in a fence that lead to a little worn path through one of meadows that I decided to follow and the view so spectacular I had to stop to take it all in. What a great start to my morning! I carried on running enjoying the view and before I knew it I had clocked up 20mins on this little trail by the time I got back to the main tow path. I thought I'd be lucky to get to 4mins. I carried on to my starting point to do a full lap and 32mins running. I really feel so much better for getting out and no sudden pain brought on after, but I think I have felt more uncomfortable tonight.

I was wearing shorts today rather than my usual leggings which I would tie very tight around my waist as they are too big, so I always wondered if that triggered the pain as my abdominal area is quite tender to touch so this may have helped. I decided it was finally time to bite the bullet and with the warmer weather aaaaand I'm pretty much at my weight loss target so won't need to replace them bought new cropped running leggings today as well as a whole new summer wardrobe!

I was shocked the every size 10 I tried on fit me and a couple of things they didn't have in my size I lifted an 8 and they also fit. My jaw hit the floor. I think on top I will never be an 8 but thanks to running it has definitely helped me tone and slim down my legs and hips.

Not sure when I will get out running next, it is hard not to, but knowing that it is bringing on the pain without these results yet is very frustrating....

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Wow well done you it sounds like you've had a tough time. Fantastic on the weight and new clothes found fab :)

happy pain free running



Fingers crossed, it was easy to resist running when I had other things on my mind but now I am itching to get out there!


So sorry to hear of your loss, but pleased that you are fighting back to running in a sensible way (in a glorious environment ;) ) as you await medical results. Amazing to hear about your reduced size and changed shape :) well done you! Sincerely hope you will soon be back to running without pain. Linda x


Thanks Linda, I walked the same route with my boyfriend this evening so he could enjoy it also. Tomorrow might be worth another run but maybe not as far this time...



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