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Week 9 Run 2 - 5.3km

Hi all!

I wanted to try and run a PB 5km today but I got a stitch after 15 minutes so that dashed any chances of that, but I am still very happy with what I ran, here are the km splits:

1km - 4'57"

2km - 5'14"

3km - 5'30"

4km - 6'09"

5km - 6'11"

It was a very nice day today so the Mrs took the kids to the park so they could see Papa running and then we played in the park for 30 minutes!

I track my runs using Nike+ running app, please use the link if you want to see more info on my run, please let me know if it works properly.

Lastly I will be running my graduation run tomorrow and I have bought one of the C25K graduate running shirts and will be wearing it for the first time tomorrow!

Take care everyone!

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wow you can run ! just checked out your nike plus it works looks like a nice park to run round thinking of doing a run round my local park at weekend for change of scenery and to take the kids good luck for your run tomorrow i graduated on sunday and it felt great

regards kate


Thanks! I prefer running in my local park, I don't have to worry about crossing roads. Also I live in East London so there aren't too many routes with nice scenery around.

I am looking forward to tomorrow's run, I hope to do the 5km in under 27 mins.


Congratulations on what looks like a great run, fantastic pace as well, you must be flying along. I find that a PB generally comes when I'm not trying to get one, when everything seems to just drop into place.

Enjoy your graduation run :-)


Thanks for the kind words Phil. I also read your HM blog, very impressive!


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