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Week 6 - Run 1 - Glad I got through that one!

I did a bit of a silly thing yesterday. I went on a little bike ride. A 20 mile bike ride.

It's all part of my 'fitness/health kick' and was training for a charity event organized through work that we are meant to be doing in August. So I thought I'd give it a go even though I hadn't cycled any distance in ages.

I just about surviving the cycling and finishing a respectable last by quite a margin,(having battled with mechanical issues like seized brakes, amongst other excuses). I then realised that today was 'Week 6 - Run 1' day. Oops.

Surprisingly, I felt reasonably ok today, my legs worked, my back felt a little sore, I was a little saddle sore but otherwise ok.

Needless to say I struggled tonight. Laura had her comedy, go slow stopwatch out and I knew I was going to struggle which only added to the struggle. :)

But I made it, that's the main thing :)

I will have to have a think about next week......


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