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Week 3 Run 2 - Extra Days rest

So i did my W3R1 on Sunday (today is Wednesday) so technically i should have done the W3R1 on Tuesday !! But the kids had different ideas .......

Monday the "so called" rest day was spent doing a 5 mile hike accross the Malvern Hills, Tuesday the "so called additional rest day" invovled a 3km walk (me with little legs and an 6ft 5' work colleague, with a stride pattern of 2 of mine to 1 of his).

So I was going to do the run this morning (work put paid to that), so imagine my surprise when i got home from work a little early, no kids, no wifey and a desire to get this run and dusted (wouldn't have said that 3 weeks ago). So it was lycra on (apologies to those that had to endure me in lycra) and off to the local park.

Really pushed it this run and tried to get a little further than last time (I didn't manage it !!), and the end of the podcast i was about 0.5 miles from the car. So i threw in an additional 90 second run and finished off with about a 3 mile walk. How do i feel? Knackered and elated.

Good luck everyone - i'm lovin it (bad bad advertising), just do it !! (better)

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