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Week 8 done

Well, only one more week to go before I can say I'm a jogger/runner.

This week's runs have all been pretty good. Physically tough, but good. Today I concentrated on form - heel strike/one-off and increasing my stride length so it was a proper run, not a shuffle. Feel like I've accomplished some improvement - I've done a 28 min run followed straight after stretching by a 45 minute dog walk. 2 weeks ago I'd have been stiff and aching a bit all day. Today I'm absolutely fine :-)

Feeling good, all told.

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WELL DONE! The benefit gradually creeps in doesn't it? I found W5R2 tough today - but in a good way! I'll look out for your graduation next week.


Thanks Beek.

It'll be the dreaded week 5 run 3 next for you..... don't worry, just take it slow & steady and I promise it'll be fine. :-)


well done, onto the final week, your nearly there :-)

What does heel strike / one off mean ?


Misprint - meant to say "heel strike/toe off". It's just making sure I've got good technique for running in trainers.


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