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Week 6 almost complete - ONE RUN TO GO

Having taken two days rest I donned my running gear and hooked up with Laura for W6R2. I decided to change my route slightly this morning and took the Thames path from Richmond towards Kew. It was like running through a green tunnel - the green hedgerows and trees danced about in the morning sunlight which cast a dappled pattern on the path. Ducks quacked and birds tweeted (Literally. NOT sending social network messages) and there was no-one else on the path.

I found both sets of ten minute runs very do-able and at the end of them I wasn't too much out of breath either. I'm still astounded at the way this program is so cleverly paced. It's like you're given JUST ENOUGH to do and no more.......until the next run. Very very pleased with myself today.

So friday is the BIG ONE! Week 6 Run 3 which I believe is 22 mins? I'm looking forward to it .......

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Good luck with run3. Since you already did the 20 minutes I'm sure you'll have no problems with 22 minutes.


Think its 25 minutes from memory but you will be fine!


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