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Week 5 run 3 - I can run for a full 20 minutes and 5 seconds!

I had not been looking forward this one, it had been sneering at me all week. My sciatic back seemed ok today but my right knee was still a bit peculiar so I put on my neoprene support thing just in case and off I went.

Luckily it was a lovely sunny morning again and it there was a nice breeze off the sea which helped.

The run itself went fairly quickly. I had a couple of moments of weakness, 'I should be walking here' moments, but ignored them and plodded on, focusing on the wind turbines in the distance. When Laura then piped up with only 2 minutes left, I thought it was a bit cruel of her saying that 10 mins from the end!, well thats what it felt like anyway :) .

After those two veeerrrrry loooong two minutes had sidled by I had to push on for a further 5 seconds because I was crossing the road at the 'times up' stage and that wasn't a safe place to collapse. :)

But the main thing is I did it! and at a fairly brisk pace too. I covered 2.2 miles in those twenty minutes which is about 3.5k so I am on track for a 30 min 5k (if I can keep up that pace for another 10 mins that is).

I felt rather pleased with myself on the walk home. That is one milestone I am glad to have behind me, nothing to come worries me much now. I can't believe how much my fitness has improved in 5 short weeks.


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Well done Kev, that's a notoriously tough week out of the way!


Well done Kev, it's always great to crush those doubts.


Well done Kev. Brilliant! Take 2 days rest is my advice after that feat. You legs deserve it!


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