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Sun is up, so am I

I really like summer. As the sun rises earlier, so do I. I was running by 7.15 this morning, fuelled by nothing more substantial than half a grapefruit and a small cup of coffee (not much energy in either of those!). In truth, there wasn't much warmth in the air either but enough to let me run in my sooper-dooper racer-back running vest (which is actually a ladies one from the John Lewis January sale, but it fits well so whatever). And there was just no-one about. The sun shone, the leaves are that lovely spring green, the river ran, and so did I. it was lovely. I ran for 1hr 2 mins & did 10.2K. Then home for 2nd breakfast.

Aside, today is my daughter's 37th birthday. Fast forward another 37 years and I'll be 100. Hope I'm still running!

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Morning Ned. Lovely blog post. Have to admit, I was due a running rest day today, but woke at 6, sun was shining through the curtains, running gear was on the chair in the bedroom, so I thought 'why not?'. It was lovely and quiet with a nice, gentle breeze and was, possibly, my most enjoyable run this week. I didn't cover quite as much distance as you, but I ran and it felt damn good. Definitely made the tea and toast taste better on my return.

Have a great day and Happy Birthday to your daughter!


Thank you; it's hard to resist isn't it when the weather and the light are just right. It did feel good.


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