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Week 3 Run 1 - Focus Focus Focus

Just got back from my first w3r1 run. Went very well, managed to get the 2 * 3 minute runs in without stopping. However distance wise i was a lot shorter than the week 2 runs, so made up with an extra 90 second run (get me !!!).

Think it was down to focus, lots of things running through my head at the moment, work problems, money problems etc etc - don't think my focus was right there at the moment. But made it without stopping. Downloaded mapmywalk onto my HTC and i says i completed a total of 2.98 miles (4.7k) in 38 minutes

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I've just done w3r2, distance 0.36mile shorter then last week but isn't the podcast shorter? Including warm up and down done 2.1miles in 28min (29min last time). Well done on the extra run, put me to shame!


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