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Happily running again

After nearly 5 weeks out with 'flu' I was given the all clear to slowly start again, I'm still coughing so decided to stay at home and go on the dreadmill as i was a bit anxious that I'd have to stop in a fit of coughing and be stranded in the park

I ran without Laura so I could just listen to my body and not feel pressured by if I was struggling, anyway apart from having to keep pulling down my new short shorts I ended up dong w4 r3 which I'm really pleased with ( last run before getting sick was w5r3) as I had in my mind that I might need to start again from the beginning, it was a struggle due to calf pain rather than breathlessness but I'm back so really chuffed, 3 weeks until race for life so fingers crossed I'll be able to run a bit more by then.

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Well done! You can do it.


great! well done! I had to stop after w6r2 with 'flu as well, but started way too soon and dislocated a rib after a very bad coughing fit on the first run, lawks that was horrible, then that took many weeks to get over and I went right back to w2, it's seemed a long slog to get back to where I was, on week 5 now. You've done your body a real favour by letting yourself heal. Well done and good luck!


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