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Running without Laura

I arrived at my usual car park to run by the sea front. Looked in my bag and realised that I'd left my phone at home, so no Laura!! I panicked and nearly didn't run, but in the end I decided to go out and judge the distances by my two previous runs. I also had a watch on, but no second hand. This was to be the last run of week 3, so I'd a fair idea of points along the way whenever I had to run/walk. It was really strange running for the first time with no earphones, but I actually enjoyed it. Along the way there were lots of friendly runners, dog walkers and the like who said hello. I had take an extra rest day because when I had gone out for my run on Wednesday one of my calf muscles was really sore. It definitely helped, hardly any pain today. Because I didn't have Laura, I pushed myself a bit harder at the end and ran a bit further. So really pleased today!

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Not sure I could have done that when I was on week 3. Sounds like a nice run along the coast. Well done and good luck for week 4.


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