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I'm officially a runner! :D week 6 run 3

did run 2 on Thursday which went ok - i struggled a bit but i kept at it and completed it. I went out this morning for week 6 run 3. wow! i ran for 25 minutes without stopping! :D it wasn't easy, i got a bit panicky at about 17 minutes - my breathing got a bit erratic, but i slowed down and focused on remembering to breath properly and i got through it. i upped the pace for the last 60 seconds too! i am still fighting with myself to carry on, but i did and i'm so proud of myself, then when Laura said i was an official runner now - it made my day :) 6 weeks ago i really struggled to complete week 1 run 1, and now i'm running continuously for 25 minutes. yay!!! happy running everyone! :D

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Congrats! I can't wait until I get to that point. Just finished week 3 today, and still don't believe I can do it,but determined to stay with it!


Congratulations :-D I remember when Laura first told me I was officially a runner, I had a huge grin on my face for the rest of the day :-) Not long now until you graduate :-D


thank you both :)


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