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Cold and chest pain

Hello everyone,

I wondered if I could have some advice...

Basically - I have almost completed week 3 (1 run left) but have been struck down with a cold and terrible chest pain. I don't have an infection as I went to the doctors today but just have horrible pain. My last run I did was with the same cold and I started getting all the pain after it.

I'm really worried about when I can start running again! My last run was on Monday and its now Thursday. I'm also worried - will I have to start from the very beginning again if Ieave it too long? I was doing really well and felt stronger and more able to run than when I started. really was making progress - how long is too long to have off before I have to start the programme again from the very beginning?

Any advice would be greatly appreciated!


x o

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Hi Moonsparkle (great name BTW),

Sorry to hear about your chest pain. That sounds horrid! If I were you I wouldn't run again until you've well and truly got rid of it - did the doctor have any words of wisdom there? Regarding breaks from running - 1) your health is most important so don't run unless you're well enough! 2) even at week 3 you probably won't have to go right back to the beginning unless you're out for a while. In your position if I had even a couple of weeks out I'd try a week 2 run and see how it goes - if easy enough then go on to week 3 next time. In my (limited - been running since September) experience I took 3 periods of 2-3 weeks off over the winter, straight after graduating and with only one or two comeback runs each time, and although I'd lost some fitness it wasn't too bad - I just took it easy and was able to build up back to 30 mins within a week or so.

Hope that helps and fell better soon!


Oh, I know how you feel, it's awful being 'grounded' when you want to get out for a run, but don't push it, wait until you are well again with no pain, I ran with a cold and ended up with a prolonged chest infection, for the sake of a few extra rest days it's not worth making yourself worse, use the time to plan routes, surf for new running outfits, eat cake or do some more blogging, take care, Ally x


Thank you both so much for your advice and words of wisdom! I will wait until I feel better and try a week 2 run when I'm better!

I will definately use all this time having to sit around to browse for running outfits and planning routes - what a fantastic idea. It will help me feel a bit less unproductive and useless! :-) ... now for a cup of tea and a nap methinks!

thinnerandfitter - I like your name too!

Ally - that's horrible getting a chest infection purely out of good running intentions - I shall definately avoid doing the same!

Thanks again to both of you. happy running!



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