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B210K W4R1 and my Garmin's gone bipolar

For some unearthly reason my Garmin regsitered 2 simultaneous runs this morning. Have I got a double? Am I shizophrenic? One run read 3.32K and the other (more likely!) 6.48K. Either way not much in an hour I suppose, but still, for me running for so long is just amazing. And without getting out of breath.

Funny how a year ago a minute seemed so long -- (btw on Speed a minute at 165bpm is still long) .. yet with the 3 one minute breaks that Samantha gives you between each 18 minute burst a minute seems like 2 seconds :-)

Lovely run, rabbits, chickens, grouse and sunshine!

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Delia I am going to shout at you now cos your blog made me laugh out loud when I first read it at lunch time while at the gym cafe between my classes. I then proceeded to choke on my coffee which I very nearly sprayed all over the cafe!! :) I then said sorry to the folks sitting closeby watching me in concern as I quickly put my phone away, I explained, its just my friend she seems to have a bipolar Garmin!!. That I can tell you caused huge uproar when loads joined in the laughter. Well done on your run Deliaitaly and very well done Italydelia ;)


It's true! The damn thing registered 2 simultaneous runs! Maybe it walked off on it's own and had a run in the opposite direction! Don't spray any more coffee over anyone please :-D


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