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Week 6, run 2

Can't believe I've made it this far! I promised myself that If I made it to week 5 I would get myself a little gift. It so happened that at the weekend in with the Saturday herald there was a $25 discount voucher for a sportswear shop. Seemed like fate to me so sunday afternoon I left the girls with my husband and wondered down to get myself a new running top. Very happy with it and myself!

The run today was great too. Last interval run I think so i hope I'm ready for the longer runs (I think I am!) really enjoying the time to myself, clearing my head and seeing the city wake up.

Here's to the next run!

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Agreed - went out earlier than normal yesterday for W4R1, and enjoyed crossing the London bridges, watching the activty on the water and pavements. its so rewarding going further and further each time - over millenium brige, alog south bank, back over waterloo bridge and home> I live near St Pauls so the river offers great 9although flat) runs>


I miss London sometimes, such a beautiful city! I'm in Auckland so the sights aren't as iconic though I love seeing the skytower all lit up.


Well done - what will you buy when you finish W9R3? Keep it up - I can't believe how much I enjoy it, and wish I had started when younger!


Oh, I have plans to get some summer gear. If I graduate in the 9 weeks my post grad runs will be in Spain at my parents so I will need some shorts! Yay!


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