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Week 9 done

Week 9 done

Well who would have thought that I would have completed the program and enjoyed it!

With the thought of my 50th birthday coming and the beer belly getting bigger...I thought it was time to do something about it and use up the time while waiting for my daughter rather than just head for the shops! Save money and exercise at the same time win win!

The first weeks were a challenge with a couple of abandoned runs , but then the night that I went out running in snow and enjoyed it was the turning point!

I still think of that night when I was nervous about the week 5 run 3 but then the feeling that I got when I managed it first time .

I was worried that my body would not cope with the runs but after a few weeks the niggles become less and body recovery was quicker.

losing weight was my original objective but I can say that better fitness levels means as much to me now. With good eating and exercise the weight loss has been steady.

I have really enjoyed this program and the help that everyone gives to fellow couch potatoes

Thanks everyone

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Congratulations! Brilliant, isn't it? :D

Really like that poster too! So very true.


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