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Week 6 done - the b'stard (2nd attempt to blog)

God this was a tough week! By the first 5 mins today I was knackered. But I didn't want to let my husband , Laura or the wider 5k community down. By 8 mins I'd at last found my pace (slow and plodding - were back to only just under 9mins a km! ). Still we got to hear Laura tell us we are runners! So proud I had a lump in the throat and we had a little celebrate! Woo hoo!

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Same pace as me perhaps. Although I'm very slow and crawling. But now you are officially a runner.CONGRATULATIONS to you! Tough but well earned success. WELL DONE YOU!


9min a km is faster than I was before graduation, so don't knock it! :)

Now just keep going, and graduation is within reach!


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