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W3R2 - Not a good one, probably not counting it!

Lovely meal out last night with BH for anniversary and only 1 glass of wine! Today wanted to stay in bed but eventually got off in a good, relaxed and positive mood. Completed 1st run fine but in the middle of the next session I got tangled with a dog walker and a gate which lost me my rhythm and lost half of my next running time. Tried to make that up by running much of the 90 second final walking time.

Came home feeling like lead after a really slow drag (more like a crawl) up the hill to find husband also feeling terribly tired. Maybe we are both a bit under the weather but don't feel I did enough to count this as a proper run. If I can't do W3R3 easily on Thursday I will repeat it before attempting W4R1.

I really struggle in the heat and I did end up properly overheated today. I am dreading the summer - if and when it ever arrives. (give me the North Pole any day!)

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The heat is sapping - don't be hard on yourself - you were out there doing it. I did a pretty scrappy run today - but I was out enjoying the sunshine- glorious.

Onward with the next one!


Sometimes just getting out there is enough... And you did that today, so well done. :-D Keep at it, it will come. Don't like the heat? come to Cornwall, it's freezing... Ran with a woolly hat on today! :-(


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