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W2R1 B210K - a new week and a better outlook and fish & chips on the beach

On Friday (see blog) I had had enough, Saturday I could not relax properly - then Sunday we decided to go to Whitstable as we was near the area. Originally we was going to find a local pub and have a bar snack for lunch........then we saw the chip shop......who can resist? we ended up having fish and chips whilst sat on the beach, what a great day, sunshine, the sea and a chippy lunch. Then found a great bookshop and bought three books. Great Day.

So tonight I put a bit more effort into my run to burn off all those calories. I had a good run and kept going for 45 minutes, still lag towards the end and have to imagine laura egging me on.

So what is the point of this? well sometimes we have bad days and others are good, but what remains constant is that we can always go for a run no matter what mood we are in, and for that time we are free from everything.

Happy running :-)

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Mmmm fish and chips by the sea. And a bookshop. Bliss! Good run too.

Take care. :)


The day sounds lovely! You are so right, regardless of life, we are blessed to be able to move and run. Happy to read you had a great day! :-) Gayle


Sounds fab! I ended up with fish and chips for dinner last Friday but that was in a dingy pub in London and not by the sea. Always taste better by the sea :)

I agree about running as a way of getting away from it all. For 30-40 minutes i don't have to worry about anything apart from not being run-over! :)


Well said... Running is the only thing keeping me sane. Good words! Love a great F and C sounds perfect



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