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W7R3 done but I'm getting slower!

I found the 25 minute run hard work tonight. The last few I've done 3.3km but tonight I only managed 3.0km. This may have been because of instead of playing my running playlist I put my ipod on shuffle so ended up with quite a few slow songs.

On the plus side I never doubted that I could finish the 25 minutes. Looking forward to week 8 now! Can't believe I've got this far :-)

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Well done, I ran Wk 7 run 2 today and managed 4.2km compared to 4.5km in my last run. Sometimes you just need to knuckle down and get through the run! Friends of mine who run regularly have told me that on some days it doesn't click so you need to work that much harder to finish the run.

But not long to go now!


I'd love to get over 4km in 25 minutes - one day i will! Maybe I need an extra rest day.


You're completing the time, Daisy, congratulate yourself on that and don't get hung up on the distance! Once you've completed the programme the 5k+ podcasts will help to consolidate that and build up speed and stamina. You're doing great! :)


Thank you Oona. That's good advice. I'd be really upset if I went too fast and couldn't complete the 25 minute run.


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