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Week 4 in the bag

Week 4 done and dusted - please tell me the music on this podcast gets better at some point? Ha

Did run 3 last night and I've got to admit it was hard, it was very clammy and felt like it was taking a lot out of me to get to the end of each run - I'm now petrified of week 5 especially run 3 of week 5! Yikes!

I'm going to enjoy a chilled night resting tonight and week 5 run 1 tomorrow - never thought I'd stick with it this long but I'm determined to see it through now :-)

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Welcome to week 5!!!! Just go slow, have confidence in yourself and you will be fine. Mentally, run 3 is a challenge, but every run prior to that one has prepared you. You can do it!!!!! :-) If I remember correctly, the music stays about the same. :-) Gayle


Me too!!! Exactly the same stage!! Quite scared about the big W5R3 as well!!! We will just have to keep ploughing on. My favourite song was in week 3 and it was about not having a one night stand!! Always made me chuckle! xx


I'm dreading it, tonight's run doesn't seem so bad but run 3 is the biggy ha

Oh I liked that song too! Think it was the last run if I remember ha ha x


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