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The nearer I get to W9 the more "twitchy" I get on run days. Was willing the time to go in this morning so I could get out there and start W8.

I knew that this week the running time would be 28mins as I have read the details on the NHS website various times. It was just as well too, as I had forgotten to put W8 podcast on to my MP3 player. As I always start walking before switching on the MP3 player I was up the road a bit before I realised I was listening to W7. Oh what a fool I am!!!

So, as I couldn't be bothered to go home and connect the MP3 to the PC etc I decided I would just listen to W7 and add an extra 3mins at the end of the 25 and walk after having done the 28 mins. I will add W8 after blogging.

My pace was quite a bit slower today. Finished the route in 42mins 34secs. But that was deliberate. I was chatting to a friend at church last night who does a lot of running and cycling and we were comparing notes on times etc. He suggested that I should slow down so as not to exert my heart too much. So that is what I have done.

Will be wearing my two favourite T shirts for these last two weeks. This weeks T shirt is the Land Rover one from Haynes Workshop manual series. Logo says: "Fine British Kit, built tough". That just says it all really about the world's best 4X4 (in my opinion) Want to know what next weeks T will be? You'll have to check back next week!

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Love your logo - very appropriate! :)

Yes, slow and steady is good advice, I'd say. :D

I look forward to finding out about the other t-shirt - and reading your graduation blog! :)


I am beginning to think that a slower pace is harder on the legs as mine are aching more than during all the previous weeks.


How strange! Maybe with the slower pace your running style is a bit different and the muscles are worked a bit differently? Very odd though! Can't say I've noticed that (but then I don't really have faster to compare with, I suppose). They might just get used to it though?


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