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Podcast + apps?

I have read on here about people using apps like Endomondo and Runkeeper.

Is it possible to have these record your stats while you're using the app or can you only do one at a time?

Also does anyone have the Couch to 5K app developed by Radiant Tap? I like the look of this as I can use my own iTunes playlists rather than put up with the blandly generic music chosen by the podcast! It looks like it follows the NHS C25K plan quite closely so am considering switching to this if this is the case.

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I used RunKeeper for half of the C25k plan purely because I couldn't stand the music on the pdocasts. I know with RunKeeper, you can create your own plans so I programmed in the C25k plan and just selected the run I wanted to do. The only problem being you don't get encouraging words of motivation from Laura, you get a robotic voice saying "Time; 5 minutes steady"... "time; 3 minutes slow" etc.

Pro's & con's really.


Cheers, I think the Radiant Tap one is similar. Might start that for week two, if it'll let me skip week one.

Laura is very persuasive though. I almost gave myself a literal pat on the back when she told me to.


If you have an iPod you can use your Nike Fitness and set your own music to play while you run/walk which gives you distance covered etc.


Laura's voice really does work wonders - I'd put up with the music! :) She is just so encouraging, and you know she's done it herself, and really gets what it's all about.


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