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Week 1 done

After far too long without exercise I've just completed week 1 and it's given me real confidence. I came to look forward to each run and found myself itching to run if I couldn't do it at the time originally planned (mostly due to children!)

I had planned to try these first 3 runs at different times of the day to see how i fared. I had planned for Sunday a.m. but this ended up getting pushed back... to 10pm. So week 1 was: Wednesday 9pm, Friday 2pm, Sunday 10pm.

But so glad I pushed myself to do this third run and found that this time, the 60 seconds went really fast for the run while the 90 seconds of walking felt longer. Also generally happy that I am running further than I had expected (though devising a route so that I have only a 5 minute walk for the end isn't quite working out, leaving me with another 5-10 minute walk to get home). Hope that's a good sign.

It's also made me think about my diet more, knowing it won't work with heavy meals. Eating more fruit, smaller portions - and doing evening runs has also helped cut down on alcohol to 2 nights this week.

Work demands have conspired to kick off week 2 with a 6.45am run tomorrow. Not an early start for me- at least one of my kids has woken by then - but I've barely left the breakfast table by then normally, let alone the house...

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Welcome to week 2! The program can be a challenge when you have a family and a work schedule. We find ourselves running mornings/nights/afternoons, just whatever will work for that day. :-) You're doing great-keep running! :-) Gayle


Great stuff, Raindog! It's amazing how our bodies adapt isn't it? I wouldn't knock the extra 5 or 10 mins at the end of your run, just see it as a little bit more exercise and time to enjoy being outside and alive! :)


Thanks both. So I managed the 6.45am run, despite a late-ish night with friends. Dreading it but surprisingly enjoyable. Expect to suffer later on!


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