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New trainers and back out there :D

Well after a few days off with a sore ankle, I went back out today with my lovely shiny new Everlast running trainers and completed all my runs at a faster pace than usual without my ankle hurting which was a bonus. Mind you, it was only week one again because I hadn't run for a few days and was more than a little apprehensive about diving back into Week 2 without testing the water in terms of my ankle/general fitness.

However, the trainers have definitely made all the difference, they're really lightweight and have spongy bits in them which gives more support so I'm going go back out on Wednesday and tackle week 2 again. Sorted out the issue with my earphones as well by buying a pair of Karrimor band running earphones which stay where they're put haha.

I will get past week 2 and on to week 3 - that's my next goal! I'm finding that breaking it down into smaller chunks for now is definitely helping me continue to keep going.

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:-) Sometimes new trainers make all the difference! Happy to read the ankle is better and you're back to the program! :-) Gayle


Oh wow! That's great. My ankles were fine until the start of week 3. They now swell and are sore when running and even between runs. I'm about to start week 5 on Weds and was wondering what to do about my ankles as the pain is keeping me awake at night. I'm now wondering whether to bite the bullet and look for new shoes. I'm apprehensive as I'm a size 1 1/2 and find it difficult to get anything to fit. I'm so glad your new shoes have made such a difference. Good luck in springing into the programme. Thank you for sharing with us and please keep us up to date with how you get on. :-D


Thanks to both of you for your lovely comments.

Kafen - that doesn't sound good. Mine were fine until the last run of week 2 when they just started hurting during a run and didn't stop hurting. I do walk a little oddly in my trainers anyway - they wear out in really weird places so for me, I think changing my worn out trainers to something fresh and more designed for running was the best thing. My ankle wasn't as bad as yours though in that it didn't keep me awake at night or anything - that really doesn't sound like much fun. Hope you find a remedy soon. Have you tried deep heat gel or anything similar for your ankle? I used ibuprofen gel for mine at first which helped with the pain.


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