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After another enforced break when my asthma went crazy (it's probably not cause and effect but things always get worse when the pink cherry blossom comes out) I went straight back on to week 9 and it was fine. So today another milestone - I ran for the first time without Laura using a set of running songs. And not only did I manage without being told what to do, I even had enough energy to break out into a proper run on the last stretch.

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Well done you! Know what you mean about a resurgence of another asthma season! After struggling to come to terms in the early weeks with winter temperatures wheeziness, I graduated - truly believing my lungs and breathing tubes had been helped by the scheme as I was far less reliant on my inhaler. Then, in the last couple of weeks all the falling catkins and pollen from trees around here have made me gasp during normal activities and to keep me from sleep with squeaky lungs at night. Rats :(

Never mind, I guess we'll learn how to cope with each season's irritant with renewed vigour! ;)

Great that you have created your own playlists. Lots of luck with post-grad endeavours! Linda :D


Managing without Laura is a one big step! Keep on running. :)

Hope the asthma stays in check.


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