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Still running - 6 weeks on!

This is where the program -really- works. I graduated in the first week of April, and I've run 2 or 3 times a week since then!

Anyway, I thought I'd put down my experiences with the 5k+ podcasts and what I've been doing, as I know when I was coming up to graduation and just after, I read a lot of blogs to see what other people did.

The first podcast I tried was Stepping Stone, but I only did it once. I liked the idea of running to a beat, but my pace was quite a bit faster than the one with the music (I'm not super fast, but my legs are short :P) and whenever I tried to correct myself I just fell over. So I put that one to rest!

Speed, however, is great. Again, the pace is a bit off for me, but the idea of running fast for a minute, then recovering, and then repeating, I like. The pace is slow at the start, but by the later intervals it's really pushing me! Or, if I'm feeling energetic, I just use Laura's guidance for when to start and stop and put in my own versions of 'fast' and 'slow'. This is tricky. So I've been doing that about once a week.

I tried Stamina as well. Running to a beat was (again!) difficult, but I liked the podcast! Not as much as Speed, but I might do it again occasionally.

For a longer weekend run I've been starting the Bridge to 10k podcasts. I really like them! Even though it's difficult to hear the guy say when to run and walk. You're meant to do them 3x a week, like C25k, but I'm in no rush to hit 10k and I think that might be a bit much for me at the moment, so once a week for now.

So my schedule has been, per week, a Speed session, a 5k run (sometimes without music, sometimes with mine) and one of the Bridge to 10k podcasts. And my 5k runs are getting faster - I broke the 29 minute mark this week and am ridiculously proud! :D

Anyway, that's what I've been up to. I've still been reading everyone's blogs, and picking up tips. So thanks for writing them! I can't believe I'm still running, and even enjoying it!

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as Queen sang, 'Don't stop me now' :-) I have been doing a B210K which is back to stop start - this week 15 minutes running 1 minute walking x 3. strange doing stop start again though.

Good time for the 5k and I guess you will get quicker.

Glad you are still enjoying it.


Funny, that song is part of my running playlist :)


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