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Malcymeter - off the grid for today!

Well, after spending the best part of the evening reading and responding to blogs, FB posts and the like along with drinking my champagne and now onto JD (working from home tomorrow thank goodness!!) I have just checked out the Malcymeter and am flabbergasted to see that today, day 50, the final day, has at this moment got a total of 600k of activity tracked!! Wow! That is the best day since we started!! :O

Talk about going all out for a big finale and smashing the 20,000k barrier! As at 9pm we have 20,265k tracked and we still have the likes of Gayle, Steve and Linda from the States to log theirs for today....

I think this calls for another blog to the 5x50 core team but right now, I'm pooped and am happy for someone else to take that up...... :D

Cheers everyone!

Sue x

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Really. OMG !! Nearly three hundred more than I thought! I could have spent the day in bed ;)

Enjoyed the excitement anyway. I am now on the red wine, and chilling to Dire Straits!


HAHAHA!!! Me too!!!! ;)

Its now almost at 650k for the day and a total of 20,394...what is going on??? Do you think Di is out there tracking more km's on the dancefloor with Malcy and Pastyman??? :D I think we should join them and get the total up to 30,000k!!!!!!!!!


Why did we worry? Never mind, I'm still going on my own that Malcy meter has seized to be, Im back to my own dancing...


20,458 now, glad I added my last 9.6k at 2 minutes to midnight! Celebrating with Magners and ryvita & peanut butter as nothing else crunchy or nutty!!!! :-)


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