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Week 6 complete

Yesterday I completed the third and final run of week 6. My feelings on week 6 are mixed, I found runs 1 and 2 hard going especially as I experienced stitch pain and an achey, heavy feeling in my lower calves. However I felt I had really progressed when I completed run 2 of the week as this was the last interval run of the programme - even if I did feel slightly scared about the long runs that lay ahead.

I really didn't want to do run 3 this week, whilst I completed the 20 minute run on week 5 it definitely wasn't easy. I still couldn't shake the feeling that I wasn't a proper runner, especially as I sometimes feel my running is so slow, I struggle with my breathing and when stitch pain strikes it leaves me feeling deflated.

Somehow I managed to get myself out of the door for the final run of the week, as it was a nice day I decided to take a more public route and did 2 laps of a field and then moved onto my normal road route. To my surprise this was the best run of the programme so far, I felt like my pace was good and for the first time I set into a good breathing pattern, my legs didn't hurt and I had the most minor of stitch pains. Towards the end of the run I was feeling so good I decided to veer off the road and run up a big hill, I reached the bottom of the hill just in time for laura to tell me it was the last minute of the run and if I was feeling good I could try pushing myself, so I ran faster for the last 60 seconds.

I can't believe I felt so good on a 25 minute run, at the end of the podcast Laura told me I was a runner and for the first time I really felt like one. This run has given me a great confidence boost for the final 3 weeks....I'm hoping it's not just a fluke and that I still feel as good on my next 25 minute run :)

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WELL DONE YOU! It won't be a fluke. Take advantage of the confidence. Mind over matter and all that! I'm sure you'll feel good on you next run!


Thank you! Definitely going to stay positive for my next run :)


Well done! I am so looking forward to hearing Laura say that I am a runner, must feel brilliant. Also well done you for speeding up in the last minute!


Welcome to week 7!!!!! :-) Try drinking more water the day of your run. Sometimes that will help with stitch to be properly hydrated. I remember my legs feeling like concrete as I progressed through C25K. Eventually, as you build strength, it will get better. Keep running, you're doing great! Gayle


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