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Week 6 R2 3k on 25th May!

Week 6 run 2 done. It's the calves that bother me at the mo. Must do that strength & flex i keep promising myself.

I have been training for a 3k (yes 3, not 5!) which is Sat 25th. Me and a friend are running it for charity and this is the first time either of us have attempted to run that sort of distance all at once. We might have to walk a bit in the middle (she struggles a bit with her asthma) but we're on target to do ourselves proud regardless considering where we started.

The actual running is ok I think. I worry about my knees a lot because although they don't hurt or anything during, they make weird noises after. And they have been known to give me trouble in the past. My breathing is now a lot better, and psychologically now I can cope with the idea of jogging for 10 or up to 20 mins straight. That is definitely a physical challenge, but the mental one is far greater.

Definitely want to do a 5k but hate fundraising so will probably aim for a decent 40/35 min 5k time and then do a local parkrun. Would be nice to chat to some other runners because this forum is my main source of chat on the subject and I could do with seeing how everyone else does it. I'm sure everyone will be friendly but knowing that I will prob be last and definitely last in my age group is a bit tricky to conquer. I will be signing up under the c25k team if I can work out how, and bear my badge with pride!

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Oh do be careful with the calf muscles! Plenty of stretching and warming up! Mine went twang on my final run of week 9 when I did my first Parkrun and it has knocked me back. Think I was not used to very different terrain and probably pushing a bit to hard. The Parkrun was brill though and really something good to work towards. Main thing is just to enjoy it. :)


Thanks for the warning. Only just started giving me trouble, but I guess different challenges at different times. I always do the 5 min brisk walk. There seems to be a bit divide on the subject of stretching before a run though. I guess I could do warm up walk, stretch calves for a bit, another bit of warm up walk then run? I always stretch after and my calves aren't tight at all unless I'm running. Weird.


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