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Starting again

I started this programme back in January with the intention of running a leg of a marathon in may. I got up to week 4 and then life took over. No excuse really, but it then got harder and harder to get back into it. Today,I decided it was about times tried again and went out this morning. I started right back at the beginning of w1r1. I wasn't too sure how I was going to feel. I was pleasantly surprised! It definitely wasn't as bad as the fist time and my pace was a lot quicker. I'm going to do one more of week1 and then try week 2. Hopefully I'll get back into the swing of things. The brighter mornings and evenings are definitely more appealing. So here goes.....the people on this site are brilliant!

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Well done for starting again! It's amazing how long fitness can last, isn't it? It seems like I do one run and the fitness stays more or less put.


Glad to see that you are back. Keep to the 5k goal and you will get there. Find a good time for your runs that work for you. When you are near to completing the program sign up for a local park run (if there is one close to you) that will give a nice goal to aim for without having to join in a marathon.

Good luck to you. :-)


Thanks alcopop!


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