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Parkrun #2 at Harrow Lodge (my 4th Parkrun) and spreading the C25K gospel! ;-)


Went to Harrow Lodge, my local Parkrun on Saturday, the first tine there since my first Parkrun back in March. It is run mainly on grass in a figure of 8 loop almost taking both sections of the park. As I walked up to the start saw one of the young chaps I used to work with pre promotion; then noticed he was in flip flops so wasn't running but had come to support his other half, crying off himself with an injury (though he could probably have beaten me even in his flip flops!)

This run is quite small, only 67 people today; set off near the back, passed a few people, hit a mental block just before 1k when I felt super tired (had been awake since 6am with stomach cramps after going to bed at 1am) gave myself a talking to and set off running again after about 10 paces and a good blow of the nose...

Had swapped places a few times with a dad and tiny girl, and another lady whose other half was running ahead with their daughter then coming back to her. Got ahead of them on one of the corners and managed to stay ahead, from 2k on it felt much better, and finished with a big effort. Knew I was slower than Chelmsford (so much easier running on 90% pavements) but knew I had a pb for this course.

Forgot to turn runkeeper off again on finishing, waited and cheered the people in who were behind me, and was happy to get a pb by 389 seconds according to the official email, 6 minutes 29 seconds, yay! Still 3 minutes slower than my pb at Chelmsford but I am happy with that time - just got to do better next time!

And happy to say I have had another 2 people from work join c25k this week, as well as my daughter! So nice to be a part of this program, and to inspire others with my efforts! :-)

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Very well done you!! Excellent work too on being an ambassador for C25K, that's gotta make you proud, especially having your daughter on board! :)

So another PB waiting at the next parkrun then?! ;)



I'll try! Gotta love a pb! ;-)

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