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Now I feel like a proper runner!

I was about to do the stamina podcast. 5 minute warmup finished when suddenly my mp3 went dead. I just kept running - it felt weird at first as I could hear my very heavy breathing but as soon as I got into my stride it was fine. I went further and ran for longer and I broke 5k for the first time! Before today I was apprenhensive about running without music but it's just a mental block. I feel great (ok- I was overtaken twice by other runners) but if you had told me in February, before I had started C25K that I would be able to run 5k non-stop then I wouldn’t have believed you.

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I prefer running without music - I know most people like the distraction, but I'm lucky enough to do most of my running in the countryside, and I really like hearing birdsong. I don't notice the breathing anymore, it's just background blur. And I much prefer not having earphones, wires etc etc. :)


Meant to say - well done on the 5k! Brilliant!


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