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B210K W1R3 and no more Davina ever

On Friday I had a rubbish day at work to end a rubbish week (being a manager is not all it's cracked up to be) and feel like quitting and going to run a B&B. So I was not in the best of moods prior to my run.

Now, a point to say here - on Thursday my wife decided to watch a Davina work out DVD to see what it was like. I decided to do the workout for fun, 40 minutes of hard work later I was exhausted and my wife announced that she will just do the warm up and warm down section for now. (great thanks)

When I woke up Friday morning I could barely walk as my calves had completely ceased up, at least most of my day it at a desk.

So I went out and turned the music up loud to drown out the world and went for it, funny but when I was running my calves stopped hurting. I had a good run and did 7.5k in 45 minutes.

Today my calves were still hurting when I got up for my swim, managed 50 lengths and had to stop. Only tonight are they feeling better - at least it took my mind off of my knees.

So treated myself to a bottle of a nice 10 year old single malt and am in the process of making a nice dent in it tonight.

Congratulations to all those that took part in a parkrun today :-) :-)

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Sorry to hear you work is being a pain. Hope the malt helped. :)

That was a good run anyway. Hope next week is better for you. :) Parkrun was great, thanks.


Oooh I just LOVE Davina!! Yes she works you hard and you do feel it at first but believe me it does get easier! I have been doing her workouts for a few years and never tire of her though after a recent return after a break it was tough on my abs, thighs, butt and arms but now all is fine. It does work....

Well done on your run and enjoy the malt; I'm partial to a good whiskey myself! ;)



That made me laugh, great blog!

I know how tough it is being a manger, after a full on week/day the running does really help to re-focus on life. I have similar dreams when its tough, my latest is to jack it all in and open an underwear shop!

My sister does Davina and it is tough, she lent it to me after I'd had my daughter but I only got as far as the warmup, so well done you!! And well done on the impressive running stats!!

I was too late for my swim today and I so need it, as I will be on call from 8. I may attempt a run later but I'll have to have paper and pen stuffed somewhere in case I get called. Have to do something or will go nuts.

Hope you enjoyed your malt, sounded like you needed it!!

PS I have splashed out on Audiofuel's first hour and its great...thats my aim in the next month to do the full hour towards 10k.

Have a great day


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