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1st week 3rd run acchieved, do I have to officially sign in for Couch to 5K?


With some graduate help I could download the trainingsprogramm on my newly bought MP3 Player on Monday. Tuesday I started running, then Thursday and now this evening my third run.-

With Laura's help I walked a further distance on my own, than I would have done without the Music and Support. In towns I feel well, but alone in the nature is strenuous. Thank you Laura!

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Congratulations on taking the first steps on the c25k .... You do not need to sign in, just keep blogging your progress on this excellent site and you will receive lots of support when you need it ..... Good luck with your progress


Well done for completing your first week, you've done the hardest part - downloading the podcasts and getting out there! :)

If you feel a little bit anxious away from streets, then I would suggest that for these first few weeks at least, you stay quite close to home on roads you know well - then, if you have any problems you can pop back home quickly and safely. Later, when the runs get longer and you are stronger, you can venture into the countryside. Running on grass and mud can be quite tiring and your legs will enjoy it more when they are stronger. Lots of luck with week 2. Linda :D


you will find a way that suits you soon, well done for starting, you are doing a great thing and will gain confidence as you move along.

There is lots of support here, so from that point of view you are never alone. Linda will always give good sound advice which is very helpful.

Good luck to you :-)


Thank you All, for your answers.- :-) flower-arranger

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