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Week 6, run 2 - Whoop!

I really enjoyed today's run. It almost took me from one end of the prom to the other, so when Laura said it's time to cool down I thought "not quite" and kept jogging on. It's been my aim to run from one end to t'other and now I'm hoping to do it on run 3 - will have to do the warm up/cool down before I get to the prom. It's only about 2.3 miles, so 5k still some way to go but I'm cautiously optimistic that I'm making progress. :-)

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Well done, 2.3 miles is fabulous at that stage, you have 10 runs left of the programme. I think you're doing great :-)


You are well on the way to doing the 5k and have enough time to do it. Sounds like a nice run (by the sea i guess?)

Week six is a big step on this program so good luck with run three.


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