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week 4 done and dusted :)


I had an well earned lie in this morning as my runs always take place at 5:30 am - before the hectic school run and work, which meant i would be running today when other people would be outside - still terrifying to me! so i got my running gear on and just as i was getting ready to go out my daughter informed me it was raining - damn! i was determined to go though and actually decided to go out and run in the rain! i never thought i would choose to do that and i think in a way that has shown me that this is for good - its not a fad exercise regime i'm doing for a bit, its a lifestyle change i'm going to stick to for good.

so i completed my last run of week 4, soggy and tired but elated and determined.

i'm apprehensive about week 5, but i'm also confident i can do it as i couldn't even run for the full 8 minutes in week one run one and look at me now! Its still hard but i can do this :)

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Yippeeeeeee, well done you! Just love your positive outlook, and with that you will definitely succeed! :D

Once you've experienced that rain doesn't matter a jot, you'll fly onwards and upwards - who knows, you might even find you enjoy the snow and frost many of us experienced earlier this year .... then you'll know you are totally 'hooked'.

Have faith and confidence in W5 - it's a bit different from those you've done, but in Laura's curious way, it will work just as others have - each run adequately preparing you for the next one. Hold fast to your confidence/determination ... as you said, who'd have thought that only 4 weeks ago you couldn't do a few one minute runs.... Lots of luck and fingers crossed that the weather will be just amazing for your next few outings :D Cheers, Linda

iWillDoThisGraduate in reply to LMS2110

thank you :)

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