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not a fun run

Well thats week 6 run 1 done, and cant say i enjoyed it, didnt feel any satisfaction or enjoyment out of it. I did it, it all went fine, and pleased to report i have no more tightness in my knee, taking an extra day off and doing lot of stretches seemed to do the trick, (touch wood).

Struggled a bit with pace, im now back from my holidays, where i had a few great runs, where i managed to get a great slow and stady pace going, i dont know what it is, maybe the fact everyone knows me here and im subconsiously feeling im not good enough, so mayb thats pushing my speed up, not sure but i just couldnt get into a good rhythm. So that caused me to get my red face and stitches in my sides and just a general tiredness throught the run and walks, which i havent had recently. But hey ho, i done it. Hopefully the next one will be a bit better.

Hoping i can keep up the runs and not miss any this week coming, as things are going to get very hectic, mayb another reason for my downer today. We have just discovered we are moving house next saturday (hubby got a job with a house) sooo that means hel be working there all next week and i have one week to pack up a whole house by my self. plus back to work (full time). yikes. These things are sent to try us .... lol

But on the plus side ive googled mapped the new area we are moving to and already planned my new runs, ran them on street view :-D lots of quiet country roads to run along and looks much flatter than around here. Looking forward to getting out an about there. But if im running on the roads i'l need to buy new bright clothes... i tend to run in the fields and woods around here so all my clothes are dark coloured.

oh no ! that means i'l have to go shopping ! tee hee.

Happy running folks, and hopefully back to more enjoyable runs.

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I think some runs are just hard whatever you do, and there isn't always an obvious reason. Well done for pushing through and finishing, and enjoy the shopping!


your right i guess not, just feeling a bit blue that i never got the feeling of acheivement that iv had in past runs, but got to try stay upbeat, got the big ones to look forward to.



I just wanted to say chin up and I've been there. W6 R1 was bad for me too. After the euphoria of the big 20 minute run, it was such a comedown to struggle,especially with shorter running times.

I also had a dip around the end of W7/W8. Like you I had a lot going on and was managing the runs but getting no enjoyment. I stuck with it though and found that post run happiness returned.

I'd say just keep going and have faith. Everyone has bad runs but you will get through them.

Good luck on the move


Hi, thank you so much, this forum is such a help in so many ways, hearing people going through the same things you are, really does make a difference. Glad to hear that this feeling passes. thank you.


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