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week 8 run 1 -by mistake - but yay did it


lovely sunny morning - had fish and chips last night and out tonight - so needed a good pay back run. My aim was to complete week 7 run3 after a rubbish run on Thursday.

Feeling positive and had my running mojo with me. Did my five min warm up and dismayed to find I was on week 8. But decided to run because I couldn't be bothered to faff. So off i went - pretty ok - didn't feel at anytime I wanted to stop. But at a about 24 mins -I was starting to struggle - and ran out of running route soI had to double back and then suddenly it was one min to go - Laura announced I was near the finish line - and I found myself loping uphill to do a sprint finish ( clearly some long ago competitive spirit from my schooldays) - and then did a very dramatic cross the 'finish' line with my arms open. But hey I did it and feeling very chuffed.

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Great! You are well ahead of me now :-

What's a running mojo? You have to remember I'm an old fogey and not trendy anymore!


Ha ha -mojo - your running juice at full power - that kind of nothing can stop you/I can do it feeling.

Well done you too - and all that lovely new kit bought for you - how kind of your son.

Lets crack on and get this thing finished - I reckon we will graduate just about the same time :-)


I loved the idea of you running with your arms stretched out and a big grin all over your face! Great. :)


Love the celebration - just like the one I did at my second Parkrun as I finished knowing I had a pb, not realising there was a large camera there to capture the moment!

Well done on a great run! :-)

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