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Week 6 - wow

I read blogs, checked the programme but did I really believe I would keep going? To be honest, no. I don't normally stick to organised agendas but this is great. I enjoy just getting out. I think I am realising that I miss having a dog as I did as a teenager at home when you could escape the house using 'the dog needs a walk' as an excuse for me time!

My garmin gadget helps as I love gadgets and looking at what I have achieved.

Sorry that this is about me but I am so enjoying the sense of achievement after every run.


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Superb to have made it to week six and some serious running here, so very impressed! Do give me some more details of your Garmin gadget (I'm a bit of a gadget girl too), how does it help you with this programme?


I see we have similar names!

I got a forerunner 110 with a heart monitor going cheapish on amazon and download my run whilst I'm doing my after run stretches from this site.I like to see my maximum pace and dream of maintaining it throughout the run. I also look back and see how I have progressed.


Ooh, I like that idea - maybe I'll treat myself once I've completed the dreaded W5R3! Thanks Canidoit - (and yes, sounds like you can!)


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